[Unboxing] Feeble Fitbit Rival ?

Hykker Smartyfit Like Fitbit Flex

HYKKER is a Polish company specializing in cheap street-level gadgets sold in the most popular discount department store in this country.

HYKKER has started its operation on a larger scale in 2016.

In March 2016 HYKKER have released a smart band with fitness activity tracker features.
Smartfit is sold in Poland for a relatively small price - 59 Polish zloties.
That's around US $15  or 13 EUR.

Other products by HYKKER include:
  • 8” tablet
  • car audio
  • automotive navigation system
  • dashcam

General view of the product (unpacked)

Smartfit activity band features

  • 0.49" OLED display
  • Android 4.3+ compatible 
  • Li-Ion battery standby time of up to 7 days
  • distance traveled
  • pedometer
  • calories  burnt counter
  • date and time display
  • battery level indicator
  • synchronization and operation via a dedicated smartphone app
  • incoming call/text messages notification by vibration
  • reminder alerts
  • Smartphone camera trigger

The inside of the product box

Sideview with the original protective plastic foil

Side view




Smartyfit Fitfit Lookalike

The charging slot. At first placing the cable correclty can be a little tricky.
Smartyfit front

The backside of the product box
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